Covidaze: The Spring of 2021

The Real Emergency Is Created By Us Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

50% of the people being tested are positive

You are on your own supported only by science

Fear is the key

The Verandah

Life has been sucked out of my neighborhood

Americans are fleeing India. Leaving behind sick relatives. Run.

People will stay indoors because we do not know what will happen if we go out

The flirtation with two places, nearly 8,500 miles apart, is not easy

We just have little choice which storm we will be made to ride on

I am learning to live with the inability to say, “Here I am” when the call for “Where are you?” is recoiling in my mind.

I am living in a bad movie that does not want to end

In the city of Calcutta nearly 30 to 40 hospitals were either completely unreachable or did not have a single ICU bed

The West looks upon us with disdain and publishes meaningless news stories about how bad our medicine is over here

I was tired already, and it was only noon

If I sound angry and frustrated, it is because I am, why have some chosen to abandon their place of origin?

I remain humble in gratitude to the COVID-19 survivor whose loyalty to friends trumped the risk to self

There was a morning rush for AB+ plasma. I was told to see if I could find the plasma

There is hope. There is goodness. There is death.

The initiatives supported by Wake are well under way

The virtual call center will go online on Monday

Their dignity need not be compromised by help

No cars, no taxis, no autos, no buses — no transportation

Picking up Supplies from Muchibazaar
Away from New Town — a stone’s throw — Gobindapur

A Dickensian place which is often unknown to the ones in the high rises

There are rumors that Calcutta will be in lockdown for several weeks

The terror of Calcutta seems to clash with the complacency of Winston


A cat crossed my path

Nothing will be the same again even though there is this maddening fixation to return to the pre-COVID-19 days

I saw the desperation in families over WA



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